Meet The Team

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Director of Design and Technology

Pranav is a sincere worker who strives for perfection. As the director of design, he works to create an easy way to interpret and create awareness of this prominent problem of wastage. He wishes to give his best to bring about a change leading the society for a better future.




Director of Communication and Partnerships

​Joining in as the director of communications is Prakhar Agarwal. He believes that everyone should consume and produce responsibly for the future of society, joining the project. His passion for sustainability began in his previous school, where he was part of the school’s sustainability team trying to implement technology and strategies to make the school more sustainable. He loves playing video games, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and listening to music.  




Youth Ambassador

Mahek believes that every individual’s realization of their responsibility to stand by each of the UN SDGs is the most important part of living in the 21st century. As a student who has this opportunity to make a difference, she became a  part of Project FoodTree to help realize and act on my team's collective concern of responsible consumption and production as well as the problem of hunger in my region.


Subodhini Vignesh


Leading the team, Subodhini hopes to ignite a change for a better world, beginning with Project FoodTree. A strong believer in the power of youth to bring about change, she aims to help create a society where every person has access to proper meals every day. She is passionate and determined to piolet a positive change in society.  If you don't catch her daydreaming, you will find her bothering the poor souls she calls friends, reading Business, Econs, Maths, or her Whatsapp messages, or scribbling poetry on rough paper.





Maithili identifies as an endless abyss who readily devours any and all beautiful artworks, interesting books (webcomics too!) and appetizing food. She intensely follows through with her passions and quite recently, one of them is living a more sustainable lifestyle which she aims to propel forward through this project. With the team, she hopes to channel her passion into constructive work that will serve society and encourage more people to join her on this journey to a more sustainable world.




Finance Director

Charvi is an ardent supporter of social work and sustainability. She believes that as the youth, it is our job to responsibly consider sustainable development and prospectively change our surroundings to expect a brighter future. She is an astute and willing person who aspires to bring these changes through various small stepping stones that would contribute to the big outcome. She hopes that Project Foodtree would create a favourable result through the objective of eradicating hunger by sustainable means.

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Thiruselvan Anuradhai 

Director of Operations

Joining in as the Director of Operations is Dheekshanya. From being an IB student, a president of a club she founded and a mediocre tennis player, Dheekshanya is a versatile person who takes on any task head on. On that note, she hopes to be a pillar of support for the group and give in her inputs diligently.